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Keri Newton

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Keri Newton lives in upstate South Carolina with her family and ugly bulldog named Oxford (affectionately nicknamed Poopah). She has been drawing since childhood, pulling inspiration early on from the bizarre works of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, as well as the sensual aesthetics of Alphonse Mucha.

Keri graduated from Davidson Fine Arts Magnet school in Augusta, Georgia. Since then she has teamed up with Nathan Allend to form Omnia Studios, LLC, and is currently enjoying designing jewelry, creating art, and living in Greenville, South Carolina. Visit her website to view more art and purchase prints at

Nathan Allen

Nate Allen grew up in the small rural town of Beech Island South Carolina, where he spent most of his time enjoying the outdoors and discovering his love of nature. Nate has always seemed to incorporate his own unique creativity into everything he does from photography to gourmet cooking. He now lives in the beautiful city of Greenville, SC with his young family. Since being in Greenville he has started a jewelry design business, Omnia Studios LLC, with his beautiful partner and muse. You can still find Nate outside in nature more than you can find him inside.