Divination Tattoo - Asheville, NC

Divination Tattoo is located in a cool, quiet area of Asheville, North Carolina.

Chris, also known as "Westhanded" found success in not only his brand of highly-detailed monochromatic tattoo styling, but his brand of pins & accessories called Pizza Ships.

Liz Kantner first gained traction in  the jewelry industry with her blog "Stay Gold." She has since become an advocate for independent designers and makers.

Divination Tattoo creates a distinct environment that blends Victorian style and contemporary art with the right technology.

You can find a lovely assortment of OMNIA jewelry as well as beautiful independent handmade jewels from many skilled artisans at Divination Tattoo in Asheville; 

  • 406 Johnston School Road

    Asheville, North Carolina

Homebody boutique - Brooklyn, NY

Homebody Boutique is the shopping destination for those who are in search of creative and unique items for the home and body. Located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, they offer a variety of independent designer and artist made home wares, jewelry, gifts and accessories that are not found in other local establishments.

Many of their items are completely handcrafted, ensuring that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, with special attention paid to quality and detail.

Shop OMNIA jewelry and other unique gifts at Homebody Boutique in Brooklyn!

  • 449 7th Ave

    Brooklyn, NY 11215

The Black Veil Studio - Salem, MA

Black Veil Art and Tattoo Studio owned by the talented Murray Brothers is a hauntingly gorgeous shoppe that is otherworldly and beyond enchanting. The shoppe is located in the heart of historic Salem, Massachusetts, and hosts a delightfully dark collection of oddities and art from the worlds most enchanting and mysterious artists.

You can find a trove of OMNIA jewels at Black Veil Studio, as well as art and jewels from many other bewitching makers. Our only stockist in Salem!

• 137 Boston Street
Salem, Massachusetts