Fire Updates and June Vacation

Hello darlings! To update you on our fire situation, we are still making repairs and will probably not be able to return to the studio until after June. So until further notice we are still operating on our 6-8 week production schedule while we are in the temporary studio. Also, we will be on shop vacation from June 15 - June 26. Remember, production time doesn't include shop vacations so please plan accordingly. We thank you all for your continued support and patience while we work through this difficult time. We love you all!

Calendar / Shop Vacation / Production Time

Hello darlings! Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar for shop vacations and events. We will be out of the studio April 8th - 16th, and this will affect production time. Current production time is 6-8 weeks not including shop vacations. Please make sure to take this into consideration when placing your order. Orders placed while we are away from the studio will be processed upon our return. Due to being displaced because of the fire in our studio in February, we are still operating on a 6-8 week production schedule. This will be the production time frame until our studio is repaired, which may not be finished for another couple months. Keep checking here for updates as they become available. :) 

Valentine's Day Orders!

If you are ordering a gift for Valentine's Day, please read the following information regarding production time.

CUSTOM jewelry (any jewelry that is not in the pre-made category) will need to be ordered by January 1st to be shipped in time for Valentine's Day. This is for international as well as domestic orders.

PRE-MADE jewelry (jewelry from the Pre-made category) can be ordered up until January 24th for international customers and February 4th for domestic customers delivery.