A taste of our home decor...

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Cephalopod ceramic goodness...

Once the Omnia Studios website is finally complete, pieces like this little gem will be for sale!

100% made by hand with no molds of any kind, this little tentacle was created from earthenware clay and will be featured for sale in our ceramic home decor shop. The glaze used is a very deep nautical blue with a slight lustre, base was stained with a nice red mahogany to offset the deep blue of the ceramic glaze.  Taking over 15 total hours to make not including firing time, it's definitely a unique work of art. It can be displayed sitting on a shelf (as a ring holder perhaps) or even hung on a wall to hold a hanging candle lantern.

This is a great nautical piece of original home decor. Perfect for a beach house or any home that features unique decorations. Keep an eye out, once the shop goes live there will be many more! :)

This little octopus tentacle measures 6" tall including it's base and is $150.