Jewelry Update for Omnia Studios

Hey guys! We are super busy trying to come up with new jewelry designs while still trying to keep the store stocked up on all the current jewelry. We have gotten a lot of questions concerning handmade jewelry rings, let us asure you we are working with the idea and trying to take our current method for the bangles and bringing it to a much smaller scale.  We will be letting everyone know as soon as we do successfully achieve making the resin jewelry rings. Some other things that are going on here at Omnia are the silver jewelry that we are still in the early stages of creation.  This has been a fun project to play with.  Our vision with the silver jewelry is to create rings, necklaces and earrings with found objects from our own excursions.  We have already collected some neat furnace glass from New England, amethyst and quartz crystals from South Carolina, fossils from Pennsylvania, and Native American artifacts found on private land in South Carolina.  These jewelry pieces will all be one of a kind, hand made art jewelry that focuses on bringing out the beauty and uniqueness of each individual object within the piece of jewelry.

Jewelry Supplies

Jewelry Supplies

Jewelry Supplies







Another neat thing that will be coming is the addition of lumen print photography.  Lumen prints are made when items are placed on photographic paper outside in the sun. This overexposes the paper to UV light, which causes the image to appear. The photograph is then set in photographic fixer.







If you aren't already you can follow us on Facebook!  We regularly do contest giveaways where participation is required. The last giveaway we did we asked our fans to give us their ideas. The participation was phenomenal and the ideas were super creative.  We had a blast reading and picking the winners! The two winning suggestions were a ouija board and goldfish.  They may not seem like much now but they will turn into really great bangle designs!

Thank you all for stoping in and we do hope to start updating the blog a little more regularly so check in with us periodically.  Again we do have our Facebook so if you are a user make sure to like us! And as always you can purchase anything we have for sale on our online shop Omnia Oddities!

Apparel available soon!

We'll be announcing our web address for the official Omnia Studios apparel line soon! And following that, we hope to soon have our regular ecommerce section up and running on the site including jewelry. AANNNDDD THENNN we'll be announcing in the near future our webstore for all the creepy and odd antiques that we have for sale. There's plenty to look forward to! :D

Preorders, please.

Hey everyone, last call to pre-order Keri's art book before the show. The book is 20 pages deep with her famously strange illustrations and the pre-order price is now $20, but it won't stay that way for ever. Only a limited amount have been ordered so grab yours before they are gone. Specify in the notes to merchant area whether or not you will be picking your book up at the show or if you'd like it mailed to you. Thanks!

The site is up!

Hey all you patient people, is up and running! Please note though that the website is still under construction and a few pages are not fully complete. BUT we should have everything 100% done by mid June. Excited? You should be! :) Please check it out and tell your friends!

Hanging air plant sugar skulls!

Charcoal and Teal Sugar Skull Air Plant Hanger How cute are these little guys!? Ceramic hand formed hanging skulls, painted up in charcoal and teal like dia de los muertos sugar skulls and housing a cute little bulbosa air plant. :3

Perfect for your balcony or kitchen window, these little guys require absolutely no soil and the care for them is super simple. Just mist every few days, and maybe dunk 'em once a month. Provide nice filtered light and these guys will even bloom! They will be listed in our home decor shop section and we are taking color suggestions. Just leave us a comment with a color suggestion and we'll go grab the glaze next time we hit the ceramic store. :)

A taste of our home decor...

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Cephalopod ceramic goodness...

Once the Omnia Studios website is finally complete, pieces like this little gem will be for sale!

100% made by hand with no molds of any kind, this little tentacle was created from earthenware clay and will be featured for sale in our ceramic home decor shop. The glaze used is a very deep nautical blue with a slight lustre, base was stained with a nice red mahogany to offset the deep blue of the ceramic glaze.  Taking over 15 total hours to make not including firing time, it's definitely a unique work of art. It can be displayed sitting on a shelf (as a ring holder perhaps) or even hung on a wall to hold a hanging candle lantern.

This is a great nautical piece of original home decor. Perfect for a beach house or any home that features unique decorations. Keep an eye out, once the shop goes live there will be many more! :)

This little octopus tentacle measures 6" tall including it's base and is $150.


Omnia Studios blog is now up!

Please keep this page bookmarked for Omnia Studios updates, sales and upcoming events. Oh, and don't forget about the upcoming art show that will be held in downtown Augusta, Ga exclusively featuring the art and photography of Omnia Studios. Address is 230 8th Street (8th Street Hookah Lounge) and there will be art, photography, home decor and jewelry for sale, plus free wine!