What we are and will be up to.

So, many people have been inquiring about our resin bangles and our other goodies for sale. We just want everyone to know that we are taking a bit of a hiatus from selling while the weather is chilly to catch up on updating our website and straightening our studio space. Fret not, though! For although we won't have much to sell at the moment good things are coming. AND we'll be giving away bunches of stuff on our FB page so be sure to go like it. :)

New projects coming up!!!

So, I was recently invited to participate in a traveling art book. NEAT! It's roaming the world right now so it should take it's time getting to my little mailbox but I'll keep everyone updated. The project can be viewed here. How flattering is that?! There will be two versions that I am going to participate in, a general book and a steampunk themed one. I'm super excited and will keep everyone updated once the books arrive and I begin the process of filling them with my artistic nonsense. AAANNNDDD in preparation for this world traveling art book I have vowed to complete AT THE VERY LEAST one doodle/drawing/sketch per day. I will post here or on our facebook page. So yeah. Hit me up with your ideas. I need inspiration. :)



BIKINI TIME IS NEAR! Do you have the most kickass swimsuit on the beach?

So how about some awesome custom Omnia Studios swimwear?! We are considering creating a limited quantity of your favorite designs onto swimwear just in time for summer, but we need some input! What artwork/photographs/designs are your favorites? What size do you wear? What styles of swimwear (bikini, monokini, one peice, swim trunks, coverups) do you like? Let us know! Here is a sample of what is possible:

Give us your thoughts!!! How about some mermaids? How about some beautiful black and white photography? We wanna see you wearing the most unique swimwear this summer and Omnia Studios has it! :D