What we are and will be up to.

So, many people have been inquiring about our resin bangles and our other goodies for sale. We just want everyone to know that we are taking a bit of a hiatus from selling while the weather is chilly to catch up on updating our website and straightening our studio space. Fret not, though! For although we won't have much to sell at the moment good things are coming. AND we'll be giving away bunches of stuff on our FB page so be sure to go like it. :)

Updates to the studio.

It's been a chilly winter season so we have taken a hiatus from creating goodies and have spent the majority of it inside reorganizing and improving the studio space. Once the weather warms up we should be back on the kiln pumping out crazy clay awesomeness and we hope to clear out some additional space for a darkroom. Here are some shots of the bar we added! (Because why the hell not?) image

Nathan already had the awesome 50's mahogany bar, so I bought him the mid-century swag lamp to go along with it.


I'm also nearly done painting the tentacle lady on the half wall adjacent to the bar. Looking for some decent barstools to match. Any suggestions?


Also, don't forget! We don't update the main site as much as the blog, so bookmark this page! :)

Stuff for sale.

We are cleaning out our space so buy our stuff! We'll be posting some things here, and some on our goodsmiths store. SPEAKING OF WHICH I don't think we've even announced our Goodsmiths store! So yes, in our rebellion against the evil demon Etsy, we are selling our jewelry and such at Omnia Studios on Goodsmiths.com. Such a great atmosphere and fair commission percentages. That being said, the store section will be coming down on our main page. All sales will be directed through Goodsmiths.com. Now on to the stuff we are getting rid of!


Fiber optic Lady de Guadalupe. $35. She is huge, gorgeous, and works great! Ornate gilded frame, looks awesome hanging on the wall.

I'll post more later, gotta gather up more stuff to photograph. :)

Jazzin' up the space!


Hopefully I'll have this finished soon. Mural underneath our bar. I'm searching for some 19th c piano stools with claw feet to go with the bar as well. If anyone finds any in decent condition (working condition) let us know! We've grabbed one but need another. Find us one to match this!


We also wanna do some kind of mural over the entrance way into our "parlor". :) Any ideas?