Apparel available soon!

We'll be announcing our web address for the official Omnia Studios apparel line soon! And following that, we hope to soon have our regular ecommerce section up and running on the site including jewelry. AANNNDDD THENNN we'll be announcing in the near future our webstore for all the creepy and odd antiques that we have for sale. There's plenty to look forward to! :D

Jazzin' up the space!


Hopefully I'll have this finished soon. Mural underneath our bar. I'm searching for some 19th c piano stools with claw feet to go with the bar as well. If anyone finds any in decent condition (working condition) let us know! We've grabbed one but need another. Find us one to match this!


We also wanna do some kind of mural over the entrance way into our "parlor". :) Any ideas?